Sunday, January 8, 2012



I watched the debate last night from bed and didn’t take any notes because there was little that was noteworthy, in my opinion.  It was more of an ABC free documentary for Mitt than anything else – I can’t wait to see the time breakdown.  But what kept me awake more than anything was waiting to see if Diane Sawyer was going to flop forward on the table.  Admittedly I do NOT watch anything on ABC except Revenge so I don’t know if Sawyer’s demeanor is like that all the time or if she was stoned again.  If that’s her style all the time, she comes across as a drama queen who thinks she has great hair. 

Ron Paul was a waste of space last night.  He was testy and petulant, seldom answered the questions posed to him, and mostly wandered in his answers, hitting his talking points.  He’s a one-trick pony and I’m thinking more and more that his support is coming from the ‘legalize drugs’ crowd.

Huntsman is done.  The others successfully painted him as an Obama man.  I don’t know anything about Utah other than what he’s said about all he did during his four years as governor.  I googled him.  It said he dropped out of high school to pursue a career as a keyboard player in a rock band.  He later got his G.E.D. and 10 years after that, after a time at the University of Utah, he got his bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.  Good thing his father was a billionaire.

Perry’s done.  He said he would return troops to Iraq to keep the peace we lost so many to win, and which is now teetering.  Strategically it may be the right thing to do, but politically it was suicide.  Shame, because I think he’s probably a smart man.

Newt had a good night even tho the commentators treated him like an afterthought.  He did make a faux pas when he said if he weren’t there at the debate he’d be watching a championship college BASKETBALL game… could have been nerves or fatigue but no one picked up on it.

Santorum was great.  He answered his questions without wandering or searching for words.  It got a little contentious when Stephy [Ed.  How does this man keep a job in front of a camera?] brought up Paul’s attacks about Santorum being a liar and a big spender.  Santorum’s defense was excellent.  Funny – Stephanopoulos wasn’t interested in pursuing Ron Paul’s racism.

ABC should be investigated by the FCC for giving Romney so much free political air time.  He is clearly their man and the commentators clearly had an agenda.  They tried to get Mitt to say the states have a right to ban birth control – a question Stephy kept repeating and repeating, and frankly should have gone more to Santorum.  The crowd finally boo’d, several of the candidates said they would want Roe v. Wade repealed, and Stephy moved on.  Someone should tell Stephanopoulos that the states HAVE TO RIGHT to do pretty much anything not enumerated in the Constitution as the job of the FEDERAL government, including ban birth control.  It was a stupid gotcha question.  States GIVE OUT FREE BIRTH CONTROL – why would they want to ban it?  Romney did ok but he was plastic and unexciting and I think conservatives are still looking for the anti-Romney candidate.  And there’s still time because of the way the Republicans designed their primaries.  Guess we will see.

The most telling comment of the entire night came in the wrap-up from Donna Brazile, a big time Democrat party wonk, when she declared: ‘Mitt won and that’s great for us‼!'  Her joy was apparent as she accidentally told the truth as she saw it

Overall, it was a boring debate – absolutely nothing new of substance.  ABC shed any hint of being neutral, which we’ve known for years they are not.  I just wonder if Joe 6-pack saw the blatant bias.  My guess is nope – Joe was watching football!


  1. The media is in bed with Mitt, covertly. However, it was blatantly obvious they lobbed softball questions at him. The left claims they fear Mitt, but that's just smoke and mirrors. Deep down they truly fear Gingrich. He's a huge threat to their man at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  2. Ahhhh - that was then - this is NOW! The Sunday debate, two days before the New Hampshire primary, was excellent! David Gregory actually did a great job moderating, questioning and keeping things moving. Romney got the bulk of the time but Santorum whooped up on Romney with his own time. Newt got in some excellent points - and digs. The entire cast of characters was all over Romney and he did NOT respond well. He was whiny, petulant and ill-tempered as everyone was pointing out his flip-flops and weaknesses [and there are many]. The down side is - they gave Obama ammo if Mitt's the candidate. Huntsman, still my least favorite, got in some good lines, while Ron Paul was mostly insignificant - as he should be. Overall, this was BY FAR the best debate of the season. Hat tip to MSNBC/NBC for a job well done. [Gawd - did I really SAY that?]

  3. You're totally right, Mark... the White House wants Mitt so bad they can taste it - he's Obama Lite and could not even BEAT McCAIN! I love Newt - and I heard today that someone contributed $4 million to a superpac supporting Newt - I wonder if it was Limbaugh!

  4. LOL! I was just about to say the same thing.... Did you really say that?? (MSNBC)
    No it wasn't $4M it was $5M towards his super PAC. The original article did say $10, but it's been changed.