Friday, January 13, 2012


The Republicans will have a CONVENTION in August.  DELEGATES will go to that CONVENTION and they will vote according to their states’ primaries or caucuses.

January 3 – IOWA CAUCUS:  Delegates available = 28

The numbers shown after each candidate are the delegate totals and are a projection [as seen by the AP, CNN and MSNBC].  They have not been officially pledged yet. 

Romney       13 – 7 - 11
Santorum    12 – 7 - 11
Paul             0 – 7 - 3
Perry           0 – 2 - 0
Gingrich      0 – 2 - 0
Huntsman    0 – 0 – 0
Note:  3 delegates are ‘unprojected’

January 10 – NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY:  Delegates = 12

The numbers shown after each candidate are the delegate totals and are a projection [as seen by the FOX, CNN and MSNBC].  They have not been officially pledged yet. 

Romney       7 – 7 - 7
Santorum    0 – 0 -0
Paul             3 – 3 - 3
Perry           0 – 0 - 0
Gingrich      0 – 0 - 0
Huntsman    2 – 2 - 2

C’mon! First of all – these numbers are the opinions of the talking heads!  Secondly, look what’s just down the road.

Next up is South Carolina with 25 delegates, and then five days later is Florida with 50‼!  For goodness sake – GEORGIA has76 delegates – to be sure Newt will get SOME of those!  And TEXAS has 155 – what happens if Perry runs the table in Texas?  Pennsylvania has 72 – what if Santorum gets them all?

It's way too soon to throw in the towel!  The MSM is declaring Romney the winner BECAUSE THAT'S WHO THEY WANT TO WIN!.. Well I say - not so darn fast!  Besides, it's wrong for 2-3 little states casting less than 400,000 votes to select the party's nominee!


  1. I was hoping Perry could make a better showing, but the guy can't string more than two words together without sounding and looking stupid.

    My dream? Brokered convention where Paul Ryan gets the nomination with Bobby Jindal or Marco Rubio as VP.

    1. OH HOW I WOULD LOVE A BROKERED CONVENTION! and my dream ticket - Ted Nugent/Marco Rubio! hahaha! Seriously, Rubio in either slot works for me, and I really like Ryan - I also heard Cavuto make a comment about RAND Paul being a great VEEP candidate, as that would keep daddy from a 3rd party run, bring the libertarians into the fold AND please the Tea Party conservatives - THAT gives me hope in case Romney is the guy - I love the idea of Rand Paul as VEEP

  2. On the Factor last night, O'Reilly said if Mitt wins SC, "That’s it, it's over"! I nearly picked up my TV and tossed it out the window. 3 States and it's over? I swear, this election season is getting down right bizarre.

    1. This is what I mean! The ESTABLISHMENT is hell bent on Romney being the nominee! Makes me NUTS! The other thing that is going to push me over the edge is - the establishment slamming Newt for his ads, saying they will 'hurt the party', yet not one word about the three-week assault by Romney on Newt in Iowa and New Hampshire - ads filled with innuendo and comments taken out of context, and beating him up for being a consultant at Fannie/Freddie - last time I looked, you can WORK for any company you choose, and when you perform a SERVICE you are entitled to compensation. Is that NOT capitalism? Newt is my guy - he is the ONLY candidate with real-world WASHINGTON experience and the know-how to get things done. I guess that makes him a Washington insider, and if so, that's ok with me!

  3. I need an Attorney in North Carolina, would you know anyone?