Tuesday, January 17, 2012


In June 1994, Romney ran the following ad in his Senate campaign against Ted Kennedy.
“Mitt Romney has spent his life building more than 20 businesses and helping to create more than 10,000 jobs,” says a narrator. “So when it comes to creating jobs, he’s not just talk. He’s done it. . . . Doesn’t it make sense for us to have a senator with real-world experience?” (“Romney ads key economic expertise; But rival says TV campaign is thin on details,” The Boston Globe, June 15, 1994).

Now, apparently, those 10,000 jobs have increased tenfold, apparently in part because of Bain investments in which Romney had at best a tangential role…if he is to continue to make claims about job creation, the Romney campaign needs to provide a real accounting of how many jobs were gained or lost through Bain Capital investments while the firm managed these companies — and while Romney was chief executive. Any jobs counted after either of those data points simply do not pass the laugh test.


  1. From the Washington Post link "Moreover, should Romney even get any credit for jobs at Domino’s, as his campaign claims? The deal in which Bain Capital bought Domino’s closed on Dec. 21, 1998, according to a Domino’s news release that referred to “Milt Romney.” Less than two months later Romney had left Bain to run the Salt Lake Olympics, meaning he had barely any role in running the company once it became part of the Bain investment portfolio"
    Thats what I discovered, also. There is no way Mitt could have been very much involved in the turn around.
    Nice find, Firebird!

  2. Romney is an idiot.

    Yes he got collared to continue to run the Olympics, but used the existing staff and took the bows for the real work of others. The only reason was because the ones running them did the same shit the rest of the world did in order to win them in the first place. Which is pay off the only committee members with money and favors and anything else they can think of at the time for personal enrichment.

    You don't play that game, your venue will not get the bid to host.

    So he came in, processed the paper works and it was about the finest USA sponsored event in the history of the nation.

    Hey I live here.