Thursday, January 5, 2012


As I was listening to the news today, something reminded me of this interview back in October, 2008 - everyone thought Colin Powell was a Republican.  Too funny....  funny at the time and even funnier now, because people actually gave a rat's hairy ass what this man thought.

Obama graced the corridors of the Pentagon today.  He went there to meet with Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta, who praised President Obama's leadership and guidance on the Pentagon's new military strategy.  [The term Panetta used was ‘unprecedented’.]  Perhaps Obama got this strategic global expertise as a community organizer.  Mr Obama's blueprint for the military's future acknowledges that America will no longer have the resources to conduct two major operations simultaneously.  We’ll be able to do battle with one enemy while shaking our national finger at another.  This is just one more step in this president’s successful goal to weaken this nation. 
“Troop- and time-intensive counter-insurgency operations, a staple of U.S. military strategy since the 2007 "surge" of extra troops to Iraq, would be far more limited, with the force no longer sized for large-scale, long-term missions.”
As part of the new Obama Doctrine, we will reduce our presence in the European theater [YOYO, Israel] and concentrate our attention and assets in the Pacific – where all those horrible enemies are hiding, and coincidentally, about as far from the Middle East as we can get.

Obama’s plan for national defense is, among other things, to cut half a million troops.  Most of these will be Marines and Army – those military personnel defined as the ‘boots on the ground.’  I find this an abomination.  These men and women, most of whom joined up after we were attacked in 2001, and most of whom have had at least two, and maybe more tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, will now be dumped onto the streets.  No benefits, no 401K – just a warm handshake from a president who despises them.  This always happens when we start cutting the defense budget after a war.  The sad thing is, all the money this R.I.F. will save – about half a trillion dollars – will NOT go to pay down the deficit/debt, but will find its way into new entitlements programs, subsidies for green industries, or other crony stimulus plans to buy votes for 2012.

Obama is cutting the  military based on political and economic criteria and not national defense requirements. 

I wonder if Colin Powell still thinks Obama was the best choice.


  1. Most likely he does

  2. Colin Powell is BLACK first.... convictions come in last