Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Saudi Arabia announced today that they are going to cut back on oil production.  Look for even higher gasoline prices as a result.  Everything transported by truck will increase in price.  Obama still will not permit Americas to drill for the trillions of barrels of oil beneath our lands.

This president calls for tax increases – INCLUDING A TAX TRIGGER!!!  This means, when the spending exceeds revenues by a fixed percent, THERE WILL BE AN AUTOMATIC TAX INCREASE TO GENERATE MORE REVENUE – and CONGRESS WILL NOT HAVE TO VOTE ON IT!  Memories of Congress tying their pay increases to the military so they would not have to vote on their own pay raises!  As Congressman Ryan says – today’s speech was a broadside to America by the Campaigner-in-Chief, who has again voted ‘present’.

Either of the above events is an economy/jobs killer.  Together we have the intentional death of this nation by a shameless, ignorant Marxist community organizer.

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