Wednesday, April 13, 2011


An Indonesian lawmaker took multitasking to a new level during a parliamentary session Friday.

Unfortunately for Arifinto (who goes by one name), a photographer caught him watching porn on a tablet computer while his colleagues debated controversial plans to build a new parliament building.

Arifinto is a member of the conservative Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), Indonesia's largest Islamic party. "As a pioneer in my party, I am drawn to take responsibility for the sake of the continuity and good image of my party," he said Monday in a press conference that announced his resignation.

The photographer managed to zoom and capture several shots of Arifinto, who held his tablet underneath the table, over a time span of two and a half minutes. Arifinto initially claimed that he accidentally opened a porn website, but the photos proved that he had at least six folders containing pornographic content open on his screen.

Backed by his party, Arifinto pushed hard for Indonesia's 2008 anti porn bill--a controversial bill that states downloading pornographic content faces a maximum of four years in prison and $232,000 in fines. In January, the PKS Party threatened to ban Blackberry in the country and forced them to filter porn on their Indonesian smartphones.

Though he's certainly embarrassed himself (and potentially his party), it's unclear whether Arifinto will serve prison time.  A list of sanctions imposed late Sunday night by his party's Sharia Council ordered him to recite the Koran, give alms to 60 poor people, ask Council leaders for religious advice, and ask for God's mercy 100 times in the next 40 days.  Despite losing his job, it seems he's going to have his hands full; hopefully he'll be able to stay away from porn for the time being.

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