Wednesday, April 6, 2011


OK – I’ll be the first to admit that I’m an avid internet shopper! I like very few things better than sitting here in my bathrobe drinking coffee and spending money. Only one time – due to my own stupidity – have I been scammed, and it was a doozy!

This past weekend, I was Googling away looking for rubber gaskets for jars – the kind that go on those jars with hinged lids. I use those jars in lieu of canister sets ‘cause the tight seal keeps the wildlife out. But my jars were given to me (used) and now the seals are dry-rotting. Hence the ‘shopping’. Well…. I found them at Crate and Barrel – 6 gaskets @ $3.95 – with P&H came to just under $10. Ridiculous, I know but I didn’t have to get dressed and use gasoline, so I look at it as environmentally sound.

But here’s the problem – and it’s two-fold!

First of all, I’ve noticed for the last few days when I go to a website that has adverts (and very few DON’T) – the ads are for my canning jars and SEALS! Now THAT IS CREEPY! And secondly, and this really pisses me off! OVERSTOCK.COM has the damn seals for $2.95 with $3.00 S&H….. well KMA and ruin my day!

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  1. Team oboma and DHS are watching your key strokes and reporting your activities to retailers across the WWW!

    Oh and might I add how nice you look sitting there in that robe! :)