Friday, April 22, 2011


President Obama has touted himself as a post-racial president - did this happen under Bush?



  1. They probably asked he is she though obomb-ba was the most handsome man and greatest president in the world.

    When the white chick vomited they just misunderstood it as some sort of personal sign of dis-RESPECT!

    Or they just flat out saw a target of a scrawny white chick and figured it would be a fine time to show whitey what the blacks intend to do to all of us. I mean after all the whippings and field work they have been forced to do, only getting a roof over their heads and food in the belly. (way oversimplified I know), sorry.

    Maybe they wee just scared as can be, this feller sorta lays it out.


    Actually it was a pretty disgusting scene. I now not who or what started it, but it's way too obvious who kept it going like the energizer bunnies.

    It was pretty obvious too that it could have been stopped by those working the place. Seems only one guy kinda sorta tried to get them off and keep them off a bit.

    Now as a macD employee I'm pretty sure the kids working there, if they had lifted a hand either direction thy would be breaking company policy! You know those brick walls that force folks to act like robots instead of human beings? Yeah those things.

    On the other hand all they really needed to do was get in the pathway of the screaming monkeys trying to kill another human being. Oh I've no doubt had they got her outside, they would have done just that too. Not a care in the world about anything just so they could prove whatever!

    For sure they became complicit in the activity by not getting involved and they failed miserable at even a token effort to protect their customers. Standing by and getting the filming? Sorry the little farker is a burger cook not a newsreel cameraman! Letting a 80 yr old woman stand alone against those enraged vermin? So the employees of the store, all the same race, that is displayed in the motion picture, while a 22 yer old and an 80 yr old were being attacked by a couple Rev Jackson graduates from his school of race hating.

    Good show there macD's!

    I hope tomorrow at noon, a group of fine folks, one would hope mixed race, arrive, get fed, then take that gotdaaumed place apart stone by farking stone! When the cops show up hand them a lit stick and ask them if they are going to fish or cut bait cuz the food seems to be gone! Besides they need to be trackin down a couple wild out of control bitches that are looking forward to prison time.

    Sorry did not mean to write a booklet.

    Boycotting macd's will do no good. This type of thing can and will happen in every service industry i the nation. Employees are taught to call the cops and run away! They are threatened with their jobs if they do something else. Not sure where making an epic adventure come into play, but one can bet it too will show up in policy manuals.

    I would love to sit here and pop off all the theories, but would prefer some real back ground evidence prior to making any rash statements or pronounce any theories for thought and argument. :)

  2. update.

    In case anyone else has been following this story, two "women" have been charged in the beating of a transgendered woman at a McDonald's in Baltimore.

    Apparently the lead perpetrator, an 18-year-old thugette, accused the victim of "looking at her man," which is apparently a capital offense in the black community. The victim insisted that she had no idea what the thugette was talking about, but was beaten anyway. The victim (rightly) said she thinks she thugette was just looking for a fight, which sounds about right. So the 18-year-old and her 14-year-old protegee beat the 22-year-old woman severely while McDonalds employees stood by and watched, laughed and filmed the beating, without trying to help the victim.

    In a related story on The Smoking Gun, it was reported that the 18-year-old suspect was arrested last year for assaulting another woman at the same McDonald's. In that case, she apparently began the assault at the McDonald's, then FOLLOWED the victim to a shopping center where she assaulted the woman AND her child. For some reason, the judge dropped the charges in the first beating. Sounds to me like someone needs to throw the book at this animal this time and put her behind bars where she belongs.


    At the three links there are pics and interviews, all good articles.