Thursday, April 14, 2011



Here’s a little idea you might want to think about in this day of voter fraud.

Go to your City/County Clerk/Registrar’s office and request a list of all registered voters.  Ask when is the deadline for a voter challenge.  You have to have personal knowledge that a voter is not eligible to vote.  (You can’t challenge a voter because of his nationality or suspected status as a non-citizen.)

Send EACH REGISTERED VOTER a FIRST CLASS LETTER, clearly addressed and with a return address.  All the letter has to say is something like ‘Dear Voter – the next election is on November 6th – don’t forget to vote!’ 

All first class mail has to be delivered.  On the envelope, put this:  RETURN REQUESTED IF UNDELIVERABLE

Any envelops that are returned to you for whatever reason are your ‘proof’ to challenge a registered voter.  Reasons may be:

  •          Moved, left no forwarding address
  •          Deceased
  •          No such address
Carry the unopened envelopes back to the City/County Clerk/Registrar’s office, along with your original list with the challenges marked, and place a challenge on that voter’s name.

Any challenge prior to the day of election must be submitted in writing to the
City/County Clerk/Registrar, explaining the grounds on which the challenge is based.

The challenge must usually be signed by the person making the challenge.

Upon receipt of the written challenge, the City/County Clerk/Registrar is required to immediately notify the person challenged. 

The Clerk shall investigate and rule upon the challenge as soon as possible.  If the person fails to remove the challenge, then that name is removed from the voting rolls.  

Get organized – do it by precinct – all you will be out will be some time, paper, envelopes and stamps.

One word of caution – if there IS a concerted effort at voter fraud, those behind it will be more than displeased with you.

While this process can be done by an individual, it really should come from the party offices – the precinct chair should already have all this information and they MAY be doing this with their mailings already.

And volunteer to be a poll watcher!

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