Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Yeah, I woke up with a virus this morning.  The virus told me I had viruses (lol – yeah – a computer virus) and it had ‘scanned’ and I needed to buy BestAntivirus2011.  I clicked ‘cancel’ and a [.exe] file was downloaded.  Not good.  I clicked the ‘X’ to close the box – another copy of the [.exe] file was downloaded.  Mmmmm…. I clicked on the ‘X’ to close the internet window and you guessed it - yet another copy of the [.exe] file was downloaded.  I opened Windows 7 version of Explore (which I hate but that’s for another day) and erased the three files.  Then I used CTRL+ALT+DEL to get to the task manager and close the internet.  Entered the info to do a restore but only had three choices – all the rest were gone.  Picked the oldest – didn’t work.  Repeated above scenario twice (go online, get stupid alert and [.exe] files etc.  Rebooted…. By now I’m late for work…. Ran Malwarebytes update and scan….. found a couple of Trojans.  Ran FULL MCAFEE SCAN – took 2:45 – found nothing.  Went online……. Repeat performance.

Called McAfee….. I have FOUR licenses but they are older than 30 days.  So I get switched to the ‘BUY SUPPORT’ line.  I get a tech that speaks perfect Hindu.  So solly for the inconvenience.   By now my head is spinning. 

I ask him – why do I have to spend $89.95 for you to remove a virus that I got because the virus protection I bought from YOU didn’t protect me?  He says… there are new viruses coming out 24/7 and their people are making fixes 24/7 and then I get the fixes when I update.  So I say ‘Seems to me IF they had a fix for this one if would be in my update, correct?’  And he agrees.  So then I say ‘So what do I get for my $89.95 since there is obviously no fix or I would have gotten it on my update.’  He says…. ‘you will get the fix.’ 

Now I ask YOU, my friends…. What am I missing here?  By now, Habib and I are both hollerin’ and he’s saying he will send me a freebie program via email to run on my computer.  This from a man who said my PROBLEM came from downloading (albeit unknowingly) a fake virus program from an email – which I am totally positive I DID NOT DO! 

Twenty minutes into the new scan, I lose my internet – cuts off – back on – back off – back on.  I text my ISP techie (how’s THAT for service – happens when you live in the kuntry) to tell him I’m blinking again.  He replies…. He’s in the DFW airport and will come out when he gets home.  I replied ‘thanks’ – did NOT tell him that there’s a motherload of storms between DFW and RDU – assumed he has enough to think about.

Oh - and they are sending me a Customer Service questionnaire via email.  Huge mistake!  Huge!

Did I mention that I Hate Computers!!!!  

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  1. LMAO - sorry. We don't call them Hindu - we call them "Peggy." After the credit card commercial. This is so funny....well, its not. Its your writing. See - get Malwarebytes.

    Semper Gumby