Friday, April 29, 2011


IGNORANCE:  the state or fact of being ignorant;  lack of knowledge, education, or awareness; UNTAUGHT

STUPIDITY (STUPID):  slow of mind; obtuse; unable to learn

I was listening to Rush's show this afternoon, with guest host Mark Stein.... late in the show a man called in regarding the birther issue and Obama's legitimacy to hold office... Mr. Stein listened respectfully, countered with a few remarks, and then cut to a commercial.  When he returned, he went on a 10 minute complete tirade about this issue..... and his point was basically that Obama was legit and could NOT help the circumstances of his birth.  And THAT WAS THE ONLY THING OBAMA COULDN'T BE FAULTED FOR.  He CAN be faulted for everything he's done to destroy the United States and all it stands for.

And then he said - and while I knew this, his comment really provoked a lot of thought - he said the problem with the United States is NOT Obama - but the 53% of Americans stupid enough to buy off on him and elect him to the most powerful office in the WORLD!  And he's right!  The mess we are in, and getting deeper in, is not Obama's fault!  Obama said what he would do - and he's doing it!  The electorate either thought he WOULD and they wanted the destruction of the this country, or they thought 'no way - he won't do THAT', or McCain wasn't conservative enough (F*** ANYONE who voted for Obama based on THAT) or because they had 'racial guilt' (whites) or because he was a bro' (blacks) or WTFever the reason was. 

Obama is being allowed to destroy this country because the American people are STUPID!  Pure and simple.  They cannot claim ignorance - HE SAID WHAT HE WOULD DO!

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  1. When Carter got elected I was a bit Meeh... I was pretty young back then too. But before the election I was at a gathering of folks from around the nation and this feller from AR was making a p0retty big point that Carter was Critter, character, some word like to indicate he was a complete moron that had no business on the national stage. I was ignorant asked him to tell me more, well it was a time of evening that such was not going to happen.

    I blew it off and did not vote for him either.

    I remember that feller Hart, yeah the one that seemed to enjoy the company of women he was not married to. But the press to my memory panced his ass and threw him to the curb. His wife castrated him and gawd might be the only person knowing his presence. As well as the only one who cares.

    Where in the F**K did this Clinton feller come from? Good gawd I was so happy when the first woman came forward and told what a F***er he really was. Figured the press would have his ass for a samich by mid day the following.

    Well the press was more than reluctant to actually apply any pressure on Billy's belt buckle. Hmmmmmmm

    Now by that time some years had passed, I'd learned a bit and figured out through all those primitive means that Clit-on was probably a bit more about such. Besides Arkansas is not exactly the hot bed of high altitude flyers.

    Then of course that little guy from Texas got involved. Lots of money, lots of gab and by gawd he just kept saying the darnedest of things. Yeah things that voters have been farkin starving to hear from a politico. My only ? about him arose when he met with the clit group. But I blew it off and voted for the squirt.

    Ross die very well in the election, well enough to insure that Clit took the office. History runs. Did not fall for such the next round, but once again folks seemed to think clit chassin was the thing to do!

    First round I figured too many folks was drinkin Jones cool aid in small doses but enough to mess with the brain. Second time around I KNEW the people that actually cast votes and not ignorant, they are Stupit! I mean we pretty much knew that we were dealing with an idiot that could give a speech but not one gotdaaumed thing else other than play with the female servers.

    At the same time I was well onto the critters of our congress. Told folks to vote them out! Yeah but he's a good guy, what the fark do you know, you were 3 when he took office, put the new blood in the place!

    Seemed aside from dying, the same shit goes in and the same shit comes out each and every election.

    Nope I was convinced the voters were becoming Stupit!

    Then in 08 when the repubs put up a person that could be contender to James Stockdale I was blown away. Then to bring life to the party, along comes Palin. GAWD I had read about her months earlier, I really thought she was smarter than that. For every ounce of light she brought the geriatric squad brought another sack to cover her with.

    The half n half was all but a shoe in.

    Most voters being young, and that also equates to being a bit dumb too. Good GAWD I'm amazed the dems did not have their victory party the night of the repub convention.

    I am hoping that enough of the voters are just ignorant, because such can be overcome. But if truly stupit? Well this nation is fukded and such makes me very sad. Cuz stupit is forever!